Wedding Flowers & decoration for a fairy tale day

Flowers are an essential part of your wedding décor and having beautiful floral arrangements is a must. By being open to using flowers and foliage that are grown locally and are available during the season of your wedding, you can benefit from a much more economic floral decor.  Winter flowers such as red dogwood stems or ranunculuses, pinecones, greenery, and baby’s breath, amaryllis, marine lilies or unique snowberries. Spring is the blooming peak of many pretty flowers such as the pink hydrangeas, orchids, tulips in variety of colors, purple anemones, cherry blossoms, snowball Viburnum and Lily of the valley.

As for the Summer, the month most couple’s prefer to get married, to add to all the above, you can have a chance to get the gorgeous Sunflowers! During Fall think of mums, dahlias, chrysanthemums, chocolate cosmos and of course, roses!

In order to make sure your flowers are well visible and set just in the right place, the best idea is to have a tall gazebo. Image combining your favorite paterns and building the most gorgeous decoration on your gazebo. Dress the aisle, the chairs and of course the dinner table in the colors and style of your desire. In addition to the flowers, choose fabrics or even fairy lights to make the scene all the more magical. The best tip we could share would be “less is more” & also don’t forget, pastel colors are always a winner!