The Tastiest Part of Your Wedding

The delicious wedding cake, that one special moment in the day which all the sugar-friendly guests will be looking forward to! Have no doubt, choosing & creating your wedding cake can be fun and inspiring since you will be the one who mixes and stirs the flavors before making the ultimate combination of the best cake ever! In any shape and any color, with as many tiers as you like, just as the wedding theme itself, you can choose something fancy, something extravagant or something simple and elegant. The flavor is of course a matter of your choosing as well!

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cheesecake, Oreo, Lemon or any flavor you could dream of, all you need to do is name it! Decide upon the decoration for flowers, ribbons or your personalized cake topper. There is no limitation and we encourage you to be creative in order to make sure your wedding cake will remain memorable.

On the same topic, have no doubt that the meal and finger food options are just as important and fun to choose from. Go through a list of menus with different options of meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan or gluten free meals for pleasing any guest. Countless food stations, live cooking, sweet corners and ideas that will overwhelm you! Let’s not forget about all the cocktails that you can create and include in your wedding’s bar list for all your guest to enjoy. Something sweet, something sour or maybe something bitter? You name it!