The Professionals who will reassure that your day will stay imprinted forever

The Vendors. The people who will take care of your makeup, your hair, your photos and your wedding film, are those who can make your special day spark a little brighter. An important decision in choosing those you suite your personal style and likes. A Beauty Artist, whose work has to reflect your personal style and concept of the ideal look for a bride.

A Photographer, whose pictures will stay with you forever, keeping precious moments safe in time. The Videographer, whose film will hold your wedding’s story in a movie so you can share it with the ones you love. There is one tip here and we would safely say it’s about choosing the people who you feel trust in, inspired by and comfortable with.

Whether you want a simple style or a colorful makeup, whether you prefer a more “old-school” vibe or a more modern approach for your photos & video, there is an ideal option for anything. Put care and thought to those people who will take care of you on the big day and always remember to stay true to your personal likings and desires upon your final decision.