The Perfect Gift to Symbolize Your Special Day

Favors have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, centuries ago aristocrats in Europe, especially those in Italy & France, would provide each of their wedding guests with what is called a “Bonbonniere”, a small gift of sweet treats to take back home.

Up to today, wedding favors for guests have taken a more modern approach but are still made to be small tokens of appreciation and we believe that they are a great idea to be included for your wedding.

When it comes to choosing your wedding favor, there is a great variety of items which you can work with. The inspiration comes from you and your personal style. You can proceed with something traditional or something more modern. It can be something playful & colorful or something simple yet elegant and classy.

The tip is to create something close to your personal style, something that will bring to mind the thought of you as a couple, even after years to come. A wedding favor is the keepsake of the special day, that little something which everyone who was there will hold dearly in order to remember the day by.