The Island Of Santorini & All Its Wonders

Santorini is well known to be one of the most romantic islands in the world. Famous for its exceptional sunsets and the breathtaking caldera view, this land is fairly one of the most popular wedding destinations worldwide. Choosing Santorini for your wedding destination will be the best decision you ever made. A caldera wedding. What more can a couple ask for? Let us reassure you that there is no greater experience than that of enjoying a glass of your favorite refreshing drink, a bite of the most delicious finger food while all the while admiring the setting sun in all its glory.

Most wedding ceremonies operate just before the sunset. It’s a great tip to know since in this way the couple can then actually enjoy the entire sunset either with friends and family, during dinner or even on a private photo shoot with your photographer. Take this chance! Walk around the traditional and picturesque paths along your photographer or videographer in order to seize every single moment in film.

Apart from a beautiful view Santorini holds many more wonders for one to explore.
There are plenty of additional activities one can enjoy with some of those being cruises, horse riding, helicopter tours or even renting a donkey to make an entrance to your wedding ceremony, keeping things extra traditional. We highly recommend a boat tour, an island tour or even an amazing wine tasting experience since Santorini is also well known for the tasty wine! Let’s not forget the idea to hire live Greek music and Greek dancers for your wedding day. A decision that you will not regret since those professionals truly know how to have a good time and pass on their positivity & energetic aura to you and your wedding guests.